Alejandra Gómez de la Torre (Peru)

Alejandra Gómez de la Torre is a Peruvian director with a degree in Communications from the University of Lima and a Master’s Degree in Film Directing from the School of Cinema and Audiovisuals of Catalonia (ESCAC). In her work, she mainly explores issues of gender and sexuality with a very personal look. In 2020 she received a grant from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture to develop La Vulvalaxia, an animated short film that was selected at the INTERFILM Berlin international short film festival, among other festivals, and won the award for best foreign short film with a sexual diversity theme at the São Paulo International Short Film Festival and the award for best animated short film at the Erotic & Bizarre Art Film Festival. Alejandra is currently developing an animated series on female sexuality and writing her first feature film, El año del conejo, a project with which she was selected in 2022 for the Workshop for New Film Projects—New Peruvian Female Directors of the Ministry of Culture of Peru.

El año del conejo The life of Cristina, a 70-year-old lonely woman, takes an unexpected turn when her house is chosen as a potential location for shooting a major movie. Her obsession to make it happen and her feelings for the protagonist of the movie take her on a journey between reality and fantasy.