Alejandro Soto Carreño (Mexico)

Born in Hidalgo, Mexico, Alejandro Soto Carreño studied Advertising at the Centro Universitario de Mercadotecnia y Publicidad, as well as Film and Audiovisual Production at the Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica (CCC) in Mexico City. He also studied Digital Photography and Art Appreciation at the Universidad La Salle Pachuca and attended several sceentwriting courses with Luis Mandoki at the Universidad de la Comunicación in Mexico City. His photographs have been published in magazines such as 451 EFE and have been displayed in exhibitions such as Los colores de México (Secretaría de Gobernación, 2012-2018). In 2017 he was part of the Taller de Polos Audiovisuales, an initiative of the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE) to decentralize film production in the country; within this program he directed the documentary short film etopeYa: rasgos de una generación. In 2018 he wrote and directed the fiction short film Antes de empezar, which was screened in local theaters. He has photographed, directed, written, produced and edited various audiovisual and advertising projects.

Mil ochocientos kilómetros/Viejos caminos — Arcelia, Guadalupe and Félix, three elderly siblings who have grown apart over time, are forced to travel 1,800 kilometers on Mexican roads to say a last goodbye to Aurelio, their younger brother. The long trip forces them to face past wounds and is witnessed by a young driver who deals with his own adversities while trying to take them on time to their destination.