Andrea Casaseca (Spain)

Andrea Casaseca is a Spanish screenwriter and director. Her short films have received over fifty national and international awards and garnered nearly three hundred selections at the world’s top festivals, many of which are Oscar-qualifying, such as the Austin Film Festival in Texas, the Santa Barbara Film Festival in California, Raindance in the United Kingdom, and the Edmonton Film Festival in Canada. In 2015 she was pre-selected for the Goya Awards. In 2021, Andrea won a scholarship to pursue an M.F.A. in Digital Cinema at EFTI Film School in Madrid and was selected for the COOFILM residency for women filmmakers in Spain. She currently works as a freelance fiction and commercial director.

Where I Am One night, Gádor and Tirso –an ex-couple– bump into each other after ten years. Both stir up old feelings, making them wonder if they can redo the past or if they are idealizing it and it’s just time to let go of the unfixable.