Andrés Borda (Colombia)

Andrés Borda is a Colombian filmmaker who studied Philosophy at the Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, and then Filmmaking at the London Film School. His graduation short film, Coqué, was exhibited at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London. After graduation, his career has been focused on non-conventional documentaries about artists, mainly in Colombia. His documentary Norman me guía (Norman Guides Me), on late Colombian painter Norman Mejía, has been bought for the Banco de la República permanent collection. Andrés has directed about 30 short documentaries about contemporary Colombian artists. His first feature documentary, Sufi, Saint and Swinger, premiered at WOMEX—Worldwide Music Expo in 2019. Andrés has written and directed several episodes for television comedy series in Colombia, such as El man es Germán, and has developed series bibles for platforms with producers such as Dynamo, Laberinto, and Producciones 5 y 6 in Colombia, and Openvizor in the United Kingdom.

Feliza — The granddaughter of the late Colombian sculptress Feliza Bursztyn travels to Bogotá to find herself in a land haunted by deceptions, illusions, police officers, memories, and even ghosts.