Andrés Cedrón (Argentina)

Andrés Cedrón studied Image and Sound Design at the University of Buenos Aires. He wrote and directed the documentary feature film La Caracas, which was exhibited in various film festivals around the world, released commercially in movie theaters in 2012 and nominated for best documentary at the 2013 Silver Condor Awards in Argentina. In 2013, Andrés studied dramaturgy with the prestigious Argentine playwright and stage director Mauricio Kartún and, that same year, he directed the fiction web series Romanos, which won awards at the most important international web series festivals. His script Un león d’argent was selected for the unpublished script competition of the 2015 Havana Film Festival. Andrés also directed the web series Coronados de gloria and the documentary short film Hermanos de sangre, compañeros de ideas, both released in 2019, and will soon release Se va a terminar, his latest documentary feature film.

Un león d’argent [co-written with Sergio Mercurio]Daniel, an antisocial lawyer, must travel by train to the city of Mar del Plata to attend a social event where his wife is one of the main guests. During his travel by train, and due to a confusion, he ends up pretending to be a French citizen, a situation that unexpectedly leads him to an identity crisis about being Argentinian.