Andrew Harrell (USA)

Andrew Harrell is a filmmaker born and living in North Carolina. His short film Inoculation premiered at the RiverRun International Film Festival and screened in the United States, Germany, and Italy. The website io9 wrote: “Filled with eerily prophetic themes, Inoculation updates the eco-horror genre with a realistic yet dread-filled story.” Inoculation and the in-progress script for Greensville were both co-created with Patrick Nichols. Andrew also works as a facilitator for a nonprofit that brings people together to metabolize eco-anxiety, and as a project manager for a statewide child hunger campaign in North Carolina.

Greensville [co-written with Patrick Nichols]Social worker Alex’s job is to hold together angry, grieving rural communities that are being torn apart by climate change. When one of her co-workers goes missing in the town of Greensville, Alex has to choose between being seduced by the town’s oddly carefree ways or investigating the dark secret that is keeping its residents happy and unafraid of the future.