Bárbara Moreno Turcott (México)

Bárbara Moreno Turcott is an independent audiovisual filmmaker, screenwriter, producer and director of short films, documentaries and video-essays. She is a co-founder of Dear Sisters, a platform that seeks to broaden perspectives on the diverse experiences of women through video, images and words, but also through panels and conferences. She is currently part of two community projects, Casa Coyolillo (Veracruz) and La Luciérnaga (Morelos), where she works as a workshop facilitator, documentary filmmaker and cultural manager. Bárbara works with groups of women, youth and children on issues of identity, equity, social justice, sovereignty, rights and health. Among her works as a screenwriter or director are Lagunillar. No es verbo. Son varios sujetos (documentary, 2010), Libar (fiction, 2013), Mariposas como resistencia (a series of four documentaries, 2019), and En los espacios de silencio (fiction, 2021).

La necedad de los pasos An older woman follows strict rules in her life. Her obsession with leading a life under the mandates of her religion imprisons her mentally until her body develops physical ailments. After the death of her sister and her caretaker, her new obsession is to take revenge on God.