Blanca Muñoz Avila (Colombia)

Blanca Muñoz Avila is a Colombian filmmaker and publicist dedicated to the creation of fiction projects and storytelling for brands. For the past 10 years she has devoted her days to producing concepts and strategies for advertising agencies, and her nights to creating independent film projects. She is the screenwriter and director of the projects Los pliegues de la falda, which received a grant from the Colombian Film Development Fund (FDC) in 2023 and is currently in production; Furtivo, a short film that premiered at the Pantalla Latina Film Festival in Switzerland in 2022; and Todo tiene nombre, a feature film script with which she attended the International Screenwriting Lab (LabGuion) of the Cinefilia Corporation in 2019. Blanca is a firm believer in collective artistic creation as an act of resilience and is passionate about fiction because it allows her to imagine new variables for what she considers could be different. Revenge as failed justice, forgiveness and reconciliation are among the recurring themes in her projects.

Enjambre A confrontation for the truth breaks out on social media when Nadia and Leo leak videos of abuse and harassment inside a successful start-up — a vertical war that threatens to expose them all.