Camila Caballero Páez (Colombia)

Camila Caballero Páez is a Colombian screenwriter and film director who graduated from the Film and Television Program of the Unitec University in Bogotá. In 2013 she won the “Bogoshorts en obra” award for her short film script Alma. In 2016 she won the Colombian Film Development Fund (FDC) screenwriting grant for feature films for her script Juana Silencios. In 2017 she won again the FDC screenwriting grant for her script Las cosas que se pierden, and in 2018 for her script Un bolero para Ita.

Camila is the recipient of the 2019 Cine Qua Non Lab—Bogotá Audiovisual Market (BAM) Prize, awarded by Cine Qua Non Lab in collaboration with BAM, the FDC and Proimágenes Colombia, for her project Las cosas que se pierden.

Las cosas que se pierden Two young women embark on a road trip to bid farewell to the memory of a deceased friend, but tensions arise between them, making them reflect on guilt and the inevitable passage to adulthood.