Carlos Zapata (Colombia)

Carlos Zapata was born in Bogota and graduated from the Politécnico Grancolombiano University, where he studied Audiovisual Media with an emphasis on Film Directing. During his university studies, he wrote and directed several short films, including Entrego y recibo, which received an award at the CineMAiubit International Film Festival in Romania. His feature film Las tetas de mi madre, a co-production between Colombia and Mexico, was shot in some of the most marginal places in the city of Bogota. Las tetas de mi madre received a post-production grant from the Colombian Film Development Fund (FDC) and won acclaim at festivals around the world — it won the Best Director Award at the Santander International Film Festival in Colombia, the Best Film Award at the Colombian Film Festival in New York, the Jury Prize (Latin American Work in Progress) at the SANFIC Santiago International Film Festival in Chile and the Jury Prize (Work in Progress) at the FLICC Latin American Audiovisual Market in Mexico, and was part of the official selection of the Guadalajara, Malaga and Viña del Mar film festivals, among others.

Topos (Moles) — In a Bogota without a river, without identity, the “topos” (moles) are four children who live in the sewers, work as car window cleaners at traffic lights and dream of surviving.