Daniel Benavides (Ecuador)

Daniel Benavides studied communication and journalism at the Universidad de Artes, Ciencias y Comunicación (UNIACC) in Santiago de Chile, and filmmaking at the Film School La Toma. He was a foreign correspondent in the France Presse news agency, and has also lived in Montevideo, where he furthered his studies in screenwriting. He has worked in the Ecuadorian television industry for Ecuavisa and Canal Uno. His documentary La rompecuellos was the recipient of the Film Council of Ecuador’s documentary production grant and was invited as part of the Ecuadorian delegation to the 27th International Film Festival of Guadalajara. His feature documentary Frecuenciador de excitaciones is currently in postproduction.

Mandoble — A young Afro-Ecuadorian boxer destroys the chance of a lifetime when he is disqualified during a fight in the United States. Embarrassed by the failure, he decides to stay in the US as an illegal immigrant.