Daniel Ruiz Sierra (Colombia)

Daniel Ruiz Sierra is a graduate of the Autonomous University of Bucaramanga (UNAB) in Colombia. He is a producer with experience in television and film and has worked for film festivals such as IndieBo, Eurocine, The Classics and The Colombian Film Festival, and for companies such as RCN Televisión, Teleset, Fox Telecolombia, City TV and Violeta Post. He currently works as a producer for Mediapro Peru. Daniel is a contributor to the film broadcasting portal CineVista Blog, where he writes reviews and critiques. His feature film project A veces escupo por placer sobre el retrato de mi madre was selected for the 2020 Ibero-American Meeting of Emerging Filmmakers and a finalist in LATINX 2020— Feature Film Plot Contest of the Latin American Training Center. In 2020 he co-directed and co-produced the short film Algo por contar, papá, winner of the national call “Great stories with small cameras” of the Colombian Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (MINTIC).

A veces escupo por placer sobre el retrato de mi madre A homosexual man returns to his family home to find the same homophobic environment. The only difference now is that a secret is being kept, which will lead to a never-ending dispute between mother and son.