Dídac Gimeno (Spain)

Dídac Gimeno holds a degree in Veterinary Studies and has worked mainly in the specialty of Anesthesiology. He graduated in Film Direction from the Madrid Film and Audiovisual School (ECAM) and has directed the short films Oscillation, Saturno a través del telescopio and Las enfermedades de los árboles, which have been selected in more than a hundred international film festivals. El sueño de los perros, his latest short film, currently in distribution, premiered at the Sitges International Fantastic Film Festival in 2021.

Las mantis [co-written with Marina Velázquez] After the death of her mother, Aitana, a 13-year-old girl, spends summer at her aunt and uncle’s house in the countryside, where she meets her cousin Lope, a strange boy obsessed with ghosts. One night, after fighting with him, Aitana meets her spirit guide, who leads her to discover a hidden world that will finally help her understand the loss of her mother.