Diego Breit Lira (Chile)

Diego Breit Lira is a Chilean filmmaker, Bachelor of Arts from the Vienna Film Academy in Austria. During his studies he produced the short films Vienna Waits for You and Catafalque. In 2015 he founded Glaciar Films, a production company focused on the creation of documentaries in Chile with which he made the documentary series Chiloé (2018), Tráfico ilícito (2019) and Building Visions (2022). In 2023 he produced his first feature-length documentary, Isla Alien, which was screened at the Guadalajara International Film Festival and the Chicago International Film Festival and later on Netflix Latin America.

El fuego de mil fogatas [co-written with Leticia Akel] — During the traditional winter scout camp, 11-year-old Zurdito leaves behind the cub scout group to excitedly join the scout troop. The change not only cracks the close relationship with his best friend, but also forces him to adapt to a new world of young men, full of aggressive dynamics that have already transformed his older brother, but which Zurdito still fails to understand.