Filipe Valerim Serra (Brazil)

Filipe Valerim Serra is a Brazilian screenwriter with a degree in Audiovisual Media from the University of São Paulo. He worked as a writer in shows such as Samantha! (seasons 1 and 2) for Netflix and LOV3 for Amazon Prime Video — the latter of which won the Best Screenplay Award for a Comedy Fictional Series at the 2022 ABRA Awards, granted by the Brazilian Association of Scriptwriters. Filipe began as a writers’ assistant on the development stages of the feature film Marighella (2021). He also worked as a scriptwriter for the nonfiction web series Neymar Jr: Life Outside the Fields, which was nominated for an International Emmy® Award. In 2021, he was an executive producer for the series YouTube Creator Spotlight Brazil. Currently, Filipe is working in serial and feature projects in different stages of development — including Nico, which will be his first feature as a solo writer.

Nico Nico is a teenager with self-diagnosed chronic social anxiety and no friends in real life. He blames it on his dad. Márcio is a recently cancelled comedian who could never make his son laugh. Together, they have a three-day road trip ahead of them.