Florencia Bastida (Argentina)

Florencia Bastida is an Argentinian director, screenwriter and producer based in the city of Córdoba. Florencia is an Audiovisual Media Production Technician and holds a B.A. in Film and Television from the National University of Córdoba. She has been working for three years in the development department of El Calefón, a production company internationally recognized for its film projects. Since her first web series, Improvisando, which she wrote and directed, Florencia has worked on the creation of original ideas for both series and films. Florencia is the co-writer of Córdoba Hogar, a narrative feature film script selected for the 2017 Bolivia Lab and winner of the 2018 regional script development contest of the National Institute for Film and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina.

Córdoba Hogar [co-written with Linda Díaz Pernia] Ernesto, the owner of the “Córdoba Hogar” appliance store, has planned a self-robbery to happen on the day the regional police have decided to go on strike. However, the interference in his plans of his son Ignacio leaves Ernesto and his family submerged in violence.