Francisco Varone (Argentina)

Francisco Varone was born in Buenos Aires. He graduated from the Universidad del Cine in 1999, and began his career in 2000 working in commercials and films as an assistant director. From 2005 to 2012, Francisco worked as a director on advertising films, shooting nearly 100 commercials for production companies in Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Los Angeles, Mexico, Spain and Portugal. Always interested in writing, he participated for two years in annual script workshops with Pablo Solarz and also studied drama with Mauricio Kartún. He currently works as a screenwriter for films and TV series.

Road to La Paz (Camino a La Paz) — An unlikely duo, unemployed Sebas and Jalil, an elderly Muslim man living in Argentina, embark on a 4,000 kilometers journey from Buenos Aires to La Paz, Bolivia.