Franco Finocchiaro (Peru)

Franco Finocchiaro is a film, music video and advertising director. He holds a degree in Communication with studies in Visual Anthropology and Art History. In 2018 he was selected by the Malaga Film Festival among the 20 young talents of Ibero-American cinema. His works have screened in various international festivals and exhibitions and have received several awards. His debut feature, Larga distancia, was commercially released in 2021 and is currently available for streaming on ViX. In 2022 he received a grant from the Peruvian Ministry of Culture to produce his second feature film — Exploraciones silvestres.

Divino cautivoFollowing the death of his parents, Yair is sent to live with his grandfather in a forgotten northern town. Little by little, grandfather and grandson build a close relationship and embark on a relentless search for a mythical creature.