Germán Arango (Colombia)

Germán Arango (a.k.a. Luckas Perro) is a Colombian anthropologist, screenwriter and audiovisual producer with a Master’s Degree in Visual Anthropology from the Latin American Faculty of Social Sciences (FLACSO)—Ecuador. He has directed hip hop videos and documentaries and has developed screenplays. His most recent feature documentary, Cantos que inundan el río (2021), premiered at the Hot Docs International Documentary Festival in Toronto in 2021 and has been in competition at other festivals, such as Lima, Guadalajara and Minneapolis St. Paul. His short film El juicio (2020) was part of the Festival of New Latin American Cinema in Havana in 2020. His short stories have been published in national publications and literary anthologies. Germán has worked for public television channels as a creative director and has been a university teacher in the areas of documentary and fiction. After producing some documentary pieces for smaller distribution circuits and working on the production of participatory films with communities from different parts of Colombia and Latin America with his collective Pasolini in Medellín, Germán has been developing a series of more personal projects. Mc Silencio is his first fiction feature film. He is also working on the development of two projects on the frontier between fiction and reality: La virgen de los dolores, a story set in the Latin American feminist movement, and El hombre de la trompeta, in which he investigates the murder of his uncle Roberto Arango, a mariachi musician.

Mc SilencioJeff is a young man willing to give everything to sing rap. When paramilitary groups impose their force in the neighborhood and ban hip hop, killing his older sister, Jeff’s younger sister, Piedad, whom he has always despised, will teach him that his singing has not been in vain.