Giovanni Rizzo Netto (Brazil)

Giovanni Rizzo Netto holds a B.A. in Social Communication and Film from the Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado (FAAP) in São Paulo and works as a screenwriter, director and audiovisual researcher. He has written and directed short films (Um bolo para os inocentes, Ovo and A terapia), music videos (Camisa 10) and web series for channels such as TV UOL, Através TV // (Bossa Nova Films) and CineVitor. He began his audiovisual career as a film critic and in just over two years wrote more than 300 reviews, articles and coverage of major film festivals in Brazil. He also worked as a producer and curator for the Festival do Minuto, one of the oldest short film festivals in Brazil, where he organized audiovisual training courses for public teachers of the city of São Paulo. Giovanni currently works as a screenwriter and film narrative researcher and writes for online projects and children’s series such as As historinhas de José Comilão, an animated series with more than one million views worldwide. He is also developing his personal feature film project, Sobre discos, amigos y mi antiguo barrio, a semi-finalist script at the Festival de Roteiro Audiovisual de Porto Alegre (FRAPA), one of the largest screenwriting competitions in Latin America. Giovanni is part of the Talentos Paradiso network, an initiative to foster young talent in the Brazilian audiovisual sector.

Sobre discos, amigos y mi antiguo barrio In the midst of the transformations of a suburban neighborhood in São Paulo, four friends, former middle-aged idealists, meet again after 30 years to reenact a party that didn’t end.