Humberto Busto (Mexico)

Humberto Busto is a graduate of the University Theater Center of the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and a participant in the Berlinale Talent Campus. With a specialization in filmmaking in Los Angeles (California State University, Northdrige/CSUN, on a Bergman Chair scholarship) and in directing natural actors with Víctor Gaviria, Humberto has continued his training in workshops in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and Berlin. As an actor he has participated in films such as Amores perros, Morirse en domingo and Oso polar (awarded Best Film at the Morelia International Film Festival and nominated for the Ariel Award for Best Leading Actor), among many others. As a director and screenwriter, he has made the short films La teta de Botero (nominated for an Ariel Award), Julkita (Official Selection at Clermont-Ferrand), La mirada en tiempos covid (in collaboration with the Filmoteca UNAM) and La última función (based on the play by Roland Schimmelpfennig). Humberto is currently working on the documentary Fosfo, about the life of disabled queer activist Guz Guevara, and developing his first fiction feature film— Bisonte.

Bisonte Baltasar is 45 years old and plans to marry Mario after years of relationship, but his encounter with Lucien, a much younger trans man, triggers a deep identity crisis in him. As he reconsiders his own idea of desire, he has to confront preconceived ideas about masculinity that have pervaded his family environment.