Isabel Dréan (Canada/France)

Originally from Montreal, Canada, award-winning writer/director/producer Isabel Dréan started her career as an actress in New York. In 2001, she took a trip around the world and ended up in Laos, opening a bookshop-café. Ten years later, she returned to the West to direct and produce two seasons of the award-winning web series Manigances (Shenanigans). Her critically acclaimed short film Let Go won multiple awards after it premiered at Fantasia Film Festival in 2015. Isabel is currently developing numerous projects, features, shorts, and series with well-established producers. Two of her scripts are currently in post-production.

Love Letter to Laos When a world adventurer unexpectedly opens the first bookshop in Laos after the communist era, she befriends a local teenage boy with a deep love of books. When his family threatens to send him back to his village and jeopardize his future, she is faced with the dilemma of taking him under her roof and make Laos her home.