Joanna Cristina Nelson (Venezuela)

Joanna Cristina Nelson is a Belgian-Venezuelan film director, producer and screenwriter. With her production company, Vannel Productions, she has written, produced and directed four short films since 2015, including Harina (2018), which has been screened in more than 40 festivals in 19 countries and has won awards such as the Silver Caravel for best short film at the 2018 Huelva Ibero-American Film Festival. Joanna has also worked in theater and radio production in Venezuela and in numerous start-ups in the audiovisual industry. Joanna is currently developing her debut feature film, Hambre, which has a social focus and explores current issues such as migration and the crisis in her native country, Venezuela.

Hambre — In a Venezuela devastated by the crisis, two former high school classmates meet again. Roberto, an uncompromising idealist, lives with his unemployed mother and struggles to make ends meet. Selina, an uprooted Venezuelan studying abroad, hides her academic failure from her wealthy family. When Roberto receives a job offer outside of the country and Selina is trapped in Venezuela during her Christmas vacation, they are faced with a difficult decision: should they stay or leave their country once and for all?