Jon Branden (USA)

Jon Branden is a New Haven-living, New York-commuting writer, director and editor from Woodbridge, Connecticut. His most recent short film, You and Me and Her and Them, was awarded Best Short Comedy at the New Hampshire Film Festival, among others, and has played at film festivals across Europe and Central America. As an editor, he works in both documentary and narrative film, most recently on United, a docuseries with director Barbara Kopple, and provided additional editing support to the Nicolas Cage film Butcher’s Crossing (releasing late 2023). Jon is currently developing his first narrative feature, The Calf, and plans to shoot a short version in India in late 2023, as well as a feature documentary project entitled Your Wishes, Fulfilled, which tells the story of how the world gets its stuff. He is a Film M.F.A. graduate of Columbia University in New York City, with a concentration in screenwriting and directing.

The Calf When Kisa believes her late husband has been reincarnated as a newborn cow, her children must choose between believing their mother and protecting her.