Jorge Sermini (Puerto Rico)

Jorge Sermini is a Puerto Rican filmmaker. He studied lyrical singing at the Puerto Rico Conservatory of Music and later completed an M.F.A. in Opera at the University of Texas at Austin. He worked as an opera singer for ten years until he decided to devote himself to what was always his passion: the seventh art. He has produced independent feature films such as In the Shadow (2011), What’s the Use? (2015) and The Transcendants (2018), in two of which he was also a co-writer and actor. He is a co-writer of the screenplay The Shepherd, which was a semi-finalist at Slamdance 2019 in the horror category and was one of the TOP 40 scripts for that year. He is currently editing Resurrecting Vampiro, a virtual reality documentary about the current life of Canadian wrestler Ian Hodgkinson. He has also filmed operas for the Bayerische Staatsoper and Oper Köln in Germany.

Niña buena, niña mala — When a vandal destroys and wreaks havoc in a quiet town in Puerto Rico, the least popular girl in school decides to investigate, find out who the criminal is and become the heroine of the moment. But she gets a big surprise when she catches a girl from her school that everyone admires and that no one would believe to be a bad girl. The hardest thing for her will be to decide whether the crime deserves such punishment.