Juan Pablo Richter (Bolivia)

Born in Trinidad, Bolivia, Juan Pablo Richter holds a degree in Film Directing and Social Communication from the Bolivian Catholic University. He wrote and directed the feature films El río (2018) and 98 segundos sin sombra (2021) and is currently developing the feature films Lemu and La tierra compartida, as well as the miniseries Machupo: memoria de la muerte. Juan Pablo has been an editor for the Bolivian feature films Bárbara (2018) and Santa Clara (2019) by Pedro Antonio Gutiérrez, Gaspar (2021) by Diego Pino, and Blood-Red Ox (2021) by Rodrigo Bellott. He is the co-director of the ISLAB Bolivia writing workshop and has worked as a screenwriting and directing teacher at different schools and universities in Bolivia since 2010. He is also a script consultant on different projects, both in his country and abroad.

La tierra compartida Bolivia, 1971. Girona is the only inhabitant of La Sinforosa, a clandestine paradise for those escaping the military government. The only condition to receive protection is to bring nothing to the other side, no proof of existence. One afternoon, Ramón, a student, arrives at La Sinforosa posing a challenge to Girona’s clause that will jeopardize his own identity and existence.