Leo Sánchez (México)

Leo Sánchez has been an audiovisual director and screenwriter for more than 25 years, both for advertising pieces and music videos. He is a director at República Studios, a production company of ideas and content in Mexico City, and he is the producer of “Las noticias con Javier Alatorre” for El Heraldo, among other projects. In 2017, his script Atorada was nominated for the best screenplay award at the Shorts México film festival. Years before, his script Pistoleros was granted an award by the Mexican Film Institute (IMCINE) in the National Call for Short Film Screenplays (1995). In 2000, Leo was nominated for a Billboard Video Award for his music video Chúntaro Style, by El Gran Silencio, which won the Most Viewed Video of the Decade on MTV Latino that same year. Marco no regresa, his first feature film project, is currently in development.

Lucero no es un nombre de hombre After discovering that his aggressive brother is not a successful insurance salesman, but a major smuggler, Lucero, a mid-ranking municipal police officer, decides to take revenge not only on him and those close to him, but on everyone. the one who has hurt him, even those who have made fun of his name.