Luciano Garabello (Argentina)

Luciano Garabello was born in Argentina and has had a passion for visual arts since childhood. After studying graphic design, photography and filmmaking in Córdoba and Buenos Aires, he moved first to New Zealand and then to Germany to pursue his career. His short films, such as the documentary Casa de piedra and the fiction Niño pájaro, were screened at festivals both nationally and internationally. In addition, the script of his first feature film, Soja, was selected by the National Institute of Cinema and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina (INCAA) in the Raymundo Gleyzer Project Development Contest. Luciano is currently working in the film industry in Berlin, participating in projects of various scales and countries. All these experiences allow him to explore personal themes, such as the experience of being an immigrant or the disconnection from one’s own culture, and are essential to approach the script of the project he is currently developing — La niña azul.

La niña azul After a murder in a silo, the accused begs Marcelo, the rural police officer, to search inland for his daughter Clara. Marcelo goes into the pampa, where landowners, day laborers and popular legends coexist in this inhospitable territory.