Luis García Díaz (Colombia)

Luis García Díaz is a film and commercial director and a television producer. He holds a Master’s Degree in Advertising Film Direction from the TAI School of Arts in Madrid. He has written and directed several short films, such as Levántate (2020), Irene (official selection at the 2017 Nancy International Film Festival), Juego de niños (award for best script at the 48 Hour Project Film Festival in Bogotá in 2015) and Hoy no es buen día para morir (2009). He has directed commercials for brands such as Burger King, Adidas, H&M, Vans, Bancolombia, Hugo Boss and Levi’s, among others. In television he has worked as a director of music contest shows such as “La voz kids”, “A otro nivel” and “Yo me llamo”. Luis is the co-creator and one of the directors of the comedy web series Ding Dong and has directed video clips for Colombian artists. He is currently a director for various audiovisual production companies in Bogotá.

Son las penas — Two children make a blood pact and promise to take care of their families and clean up the river of the violence that flows down it, but as they grow up their lives take different courses. Fifteen years later, Marlon lives in Cali and works throwing corpses into the Cauca River, while Miguel is a social leader in his town. Marlon seeks to get his family back and be forgiven by his father. The blood pact between these two brothers of life will be broken with blood when they meet again after 15 years.