Melina León (Peru)

Melina León is a Peruvian filmmaker based in both Lima, Peru, and New York City. El paraíso de Lili, her thesis short film for Columbia University, officially premiered at the 47th New York Film Festival and won the 21st São Paulo International Short Film Festival for best Latin American short film. Melina’s feature film project, Song Without a Name, is based on a true account of child trafficking in late 1980’s Peru. The original script was co-written with novelist Michael J. White. Melina teaches filmmaking and works as a director, producer and editor both in Lima and New York.

Canción sin nombre (Song Without a Name) — Set at the height of the Shining Path’s grip on 1980′s Peru, Song Without a Name details the bittersweet journey of Georgina Condori, a young Andean musician determined to track down her missing baby, and Pedro Campos, a terror beat journalist.