Michel Carvalho (Brasil)

Michel Carvalho was nominated for Screenwriter of the Year at the 5th Award of the Brazilian Screenwriters Association (ABRA) in 2021. He has worked as a screenwriter in more than 20 productions, including the telenovela Malhação (Globo), the fiction series Summer Season (Netflix), Perrengue (MTV), Matches (Warner Channel) and Bola pra Frente (TV Brasil), the feature-length documentaries Torre das Donzelas, Mussum: Um Filme do Cacildis and Prazer em Conhecer, and the documentary series Favela Gay: Periferias LGBTQI+ (Brazil Channel). Michel has a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and researches issues related to gender, race and sexuality in cinema. He studied screenwriting with Patrick Vanetti, director of the European Conservatory of Audiovisual Writing in Paris.

La más fuerte [co-written with Muriel Alves] Brazil, 1823. In a country of white elites, Eurocentric and dominated by colonial ties, the former slave Maria Felipa gathers an army of 40 black women to fight for justice, for freedom and for a true Brazilian independence.