Paola Terán (Peru)

Paola Terán is a Peruvian filmmaker originally from Lima. She was selected for Talents Buenos Aires 2021, studied Film Directing at the New York Film Academy, holds a master’s degree in Fiction Series Scriptwriting from the Madrid Film and Audiovisual School (ECAM), and attended the Film Training Institute (IFIC) in Spain. She also was selected for the London Screenwriters’ Festival, where she received guidance from BAFTA, Pixar and WGA writers. Specializing in fantasy narratives, Paola’s projects have been selected at Sanfic Lab (Chile), LabGuion (Colombia), Iberseries (Spain), Sanfic Series (Chile), Sitges, and Rotterdam. She secured development funding from the Ibermedia Program for her debut feature film and participated as an accompanying producer in CIMA Impulsa, a residency supported by Netflix and the Institute of Film and Audiovisual Arts of Spain (ICAA). With over ten years of editing experience in Peru, the United States, France and Brazil, she contributed to the series Locked Up Abroad by National Geographic and Raw TV. Paola is currently post-producing her third short film, Waste (Des-hechos), a horror story delving into the depths of a foggy Lima.

Shun After relocating to Lima to pursue her dream of becoming a dancer, África vanishes mysteriously, only to return eleven months later. Her absence remains cloaked in silence. Despite her efforts to dance again, episodes of sleepwalking draw her to unknown places, while her room is haunted by strange lights and shadows of entities seeking to unearth the truth.