Paula Romaní (Chile)

Paula Romaní has a B.A. in Social Communication, with an emphasis in Audiovisual Directing, from the Pontificia Universidad Católica in Chile, an institution with which she continues to be linked as an undergraduate assistant in screenwriting and audiovisual production. In 2019 she co-wrote and co-directed the short film Vírgenes sociales, selected for the 2021 Women’s Film Festival—FEMCINE11. She wrote Niño Hombre, a fantasy feature-length script which was selected for the Cine Chileno del Futuro section of the 2020 Valdivia Film Festival, and for the Santiago Lab of SANFIC Industria 2021. She is the executive director of the non-competitive festival of school short films Cortos+Chelas, an event with 15 editions already which takes place in different places in Santiago. Together with Constanza Melio and Daniela Bocic, she is the founder of Vaca Loca Films, an emerging production company of animation content that has several projects in development, such as the animated children’s feature film La travesía de Rayén, the experimental stop motion animation short film Animita and the documentary Vida de perros, which makes a social depiction of Chile based on its pets.

La travesía de Rayén — Rayén, an 11-year-old girl, and her best friend, the cow Zulú, embark on a journey to southern Chile to discover the cause of the drought in their village, which threatens to tear them apart forever.