Rolando Meléndez (Puerto Rico)

Rolando Meléndez is a Puerto Rican filmmaker who has worked for a decade as an assistant director and editor. In 2016 he debuted with his short film Chatarra, which received the award for best cinematography, best screenplay, best sound design and best short film at the Puerto Rico European Film Festival. Chatarra was presented at the Clermont-Ferrand and Nouveaux Cinémas film festivals in France in 2017. In 2018, Rolando was a participant in the international workshop “Working with Actors: Meisner/Mamet Technique” for actors and directors at the International School of Film and Television of San Antonio de los Baños in Cuba. His most recent project, San Jerónimo: una lucha a través del tiempo (2022), shows how San Jerónimo, one of Puerto Rico’s most valuable forts, faces governmental neglect and climate change. The documentary will be part of the official selection of the Oaxaca Film Festival. His debut feature, La fuga, is currently in development with the support of the Ibermedia Program.

La fuga In a neighborhood in the mountains of Puerto Rico, a young police officer investigates the cause of a car accident in which the son of a mayor and an underage girl died. Lies and secrets among the townspeople distort the reality of what happened.