Sebastián Díaz (Mexico)

Sebastián Díaz is a San Francisco Bay Area-based Mexican filmmaker and Emmy-awarded editor for Atención! Murderer Next Door (New York Times Op-Doc). He also edited Takeover (New York Times Op-Doc), which made the Academy Awards-Oscars® shortlist in 2022, as well as Cypress Hill: Insane in the Brain for Showtime. His short documentary Toñita’s premiered at New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Documentary Fortnight. His award-winning documentary Brilliant Soil (Tierra brillante) has screened internationally. Sebastián received a PBS Emerging Filmmakers grant in 2023 with A Thousand Pines, a feature documentary funded by ITVS and Latino Public Broadcasting. As an editor and independent filmmaker, he has worked for organizations such as Netflix, the BBC, Frontline and the Guggenheim Museum. Sebastián co-founded Bulbo art collective (2001-2011), which produced a documentary series broadcast in the United States and Mexico (Univision) about the Tijuana-San Diego border culture, where he was raised. Sebastián sits on the board of directors of UnionDocs in New York City.

Oye! Break a Leg [co-written with Modesto ”Flako” Jimenez] Sammy –a young aspiring rap lyricist with a writing talent who sells drugs to make ends meet in Brooklyn– receives a unique opportunity from Flako –a respected, local urban poet– to star as the main act in a poetry jam event. To participate and pursue his dreams as an artist, Sammy must risk his life and disobey Lucky, a powerful drug lord.