Sharon Kleinberg (Mexico)

Sharon Kleinberg began her artistic career as an actor and later on she started writing theater plays, including Esperando morir, Suicídate langosta (co-writer), Letargo cibernético, La próstata de Enrique Iglesias and La fortuna de la rueda, all of which have premiered in recent years. Sharon ventured into screenwriting with several short films, including short films for the Museum of Memory and Tolerance in Mexico City, and the TV series Tercera oportunidad (co-writer). Her first feature film, Rumbos paralelos, premiered in theaters in Mexico in 2016, won the Dish Latino and Cinelatino Audience Choice Award at the Hola Mexico Film Festival in Los Angeles and received ten nominations for the 2017 Diosa de Plata awards, granted by the Mexican Film Press Association (PECIME). Sharon has a Degree in Business Administration from the University of Las Américas, a Master’s Degree in Family Therapy from the Family Institute (IFAC) and a Screenwriting Diploma from the International Screenwriting Center for Film and Television (CIGCITE) in Mexico City.

El embarazo de Mario — Mario and Diana face the difficult process of procreating a child, as a married couple formed by a trans man and a trans woman.