Soledad Santelices (Chile/Ecuador)

Soledad Santelices is a co-founder of the production company INCUBADORA and has worked as a producer between Ecuador and Chile. She produced the feature films Soy mucho mejor que voh (2013), by Che Sandoval (Chile), and El facilitador (2013), by Víctor Arregui (Ecuador), and was head of the L90 Cine Digital project, where she advised 20 feature films, as well as a creator of the experimental lab Laboratorio de Desarrollo Audiovisual Emergente (LADAE) in Chile. Soledad has also studied literature and served as screenwriter. She is currently producing the feature film Cuentero, for which she is also a screenwriter, and the documentary Rotacismo. She is in pre-production of a short film entitled Punto, an experimental exploration of the anguish of the absence of love.

Duhkha [co-written with Ricardo Ruales] Carmen returns to her home in the countryside, after 20 years of absence, due to the death of her deaf-mute younger brother. The sudden fall of acidic volcanic ash forces Carmen and her entire family into a tortuous and chaotic lockdown. There, she understands the importance of the rite and gains the strength to face the cut on her arm caused by the ash that has fallen on it.