Stephan Littger (Germany/USA)

Stephan Littger grew up in Cologne, Germany. He obtained his B.A. in Economics, Politics and Philosophy from Sciences Po University in Aix-en-Provence, France, and his M.A. in Philosophy and Psychology at Oxford University. He directed the short film Toxic Oranges*: A Wall Street Fairy Tale (Tribeca) and his debut feature Her Composition (Thessaloniki, Mostra São Paulo, Max Ophüls Preis). Apart from The Embroidered Woman, he is developing Project Alpha, based on the largest parapsychology experiment at an Ivy League university in the United States during the early 80s. Stephan is also developing a remake of Dr. Mabuse taking place at the apex of Nazi Germany just before World War II and is in pre-production of an adaptation of Daniel Kehlmann’s novella Der fernste Ort, starring Jonas Nay. His projects have been supported by the Tribeca Film Institute, Torino Film Lab and the German Film Fund. Stephan also directs music videos and writes essays. He is the author of the anthology The Director’s Cut (Bloomsbury Academic).

The Embroidered WomanWhen an immigrant concert pianist in New York mysteriously loses mental control over her left hand, she starts to embroider it in defiance of the sinister forces that might be holding her back.