Tanya Batson-Savage (Jamaica)

Tanya Batson-Savage is a Jamaican writer, filmmaker, publisher and creative consultant. Her work has spanned journalism, cultural criticism, advertising, publicity and creative writing (prose, stage and screen). She is publisher and editor in chief of the award-winning independent publishing house Blue Banyan Books and its imprint Blouse & Skirt Books, the fastest growing trade book publisher in the English-speaking Caribbean. She wrote a collection for children, Pumpkin Belly and Other Stories (2005), produced and script edited the animated short film Agwe (2018) and wrote the critically acclaimed play Woman Tongue (2016). Her short film script Endeavour earned the award for Best Script in the KingstOOn Anime Festival in 2013.

Escape to Last Man Peak In a land ravaged by “the sickness”, desolation and despair, where adults have become the enemy, ten orphans find hope and strength in each other and attempt the perilous journey to seek refuge at Last Man Peak.