Cine Qua Non Lab is pleased to announce the participants selected for its 2020 Script Revision Lab in Spanish. 

The Script Revision Lab is a residential workshop that gives independent filmmakers from around the world the opportunity to work intensively on their feature-length narrative scripts in an environment structured to foster professional collaboration and high-quality script development.

The Script Revision Lab in Spanish will be held February 1st—13th, 2020, in Tzintzuntzan, a small town in the state of Michoacán, Mexico, approximately 50 km from the city of Morelia, in a quiet natural retreat overlooking Lake Pátzcuaro.

The Script Revision Lab is a recipient of the prestigious FilmCraft grant from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The Academy grant will help Cine Qua Non Lab fulfil its mission to support independent film by strengthening the power of diverse storytellers and helping them envision and develop their work.

This year, the Script Revision Lab in Spanish will be facilitated by Ana Sanz-Magallón (Spain) and Paz Alicia Garciadiego (Mexico).

Ana Sanz-Magallón has been working as a script consultant and story editor since 1996, participating in the development of more than 30 released feature films. She has been a facilitator in numerous script development workshops organized by public film institutions in Latin America and by the MEDIA/Creative Europe Program of the European Union in the United Kingdom, Germany, Greece, Finland, Romania, Norway and Spain. Ana is the author of “Cuéntalo bien” — Common sense applied to stories, a key reference book for Spanish-speaking screenwriters.

Paz Alicia Garciadiego started her career writing scripts for comic books, television and cultural radio stations. In 1985 she met film director Arturo Ripstein, and she has been the screenwriter for all his films since then. Paz Alicia has been a facilitator and advisor in numerous screenwriting workshops, such as the Sundance Institute’s Latin American screenwriting labs, and she regularly serves as a script advisor in the Film Project Development Course of the Ibermedia Program in Madrid.

As part of its partnership with the Bogotá Audiovisual Market (BAM), Cine Qua Non Lab selected the Colombian project Las cosas que se pierden, by Camila Caballero Páez, for its 2020 Script Revision Lab in Spanish.  The other Colombian projects selected for the lab are supported by the Colombian Film Development Fund and Proimágenes Colombia.

The Brazilian project El niño, by Marcelo Filho, is participating in the 2020 Script Revision Lab in Spanish as part of Cine Qua Non Lab’s collaboration with Projeto Paradiso. The Argentinian projects selected for the lab are supported by the National Institute for Film and Audiovisual Arts of Argentina (INCAA).

The 12 participants in the 2020 Script Revision Lab in Spanish come from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico, Peru and Venezuela, and were selected based on the quality, freshness and originality of their projects. Below is the list of the participants and their projects:

Alexis Durán (Colombia) —¿Hoy es ayer o mañana?

Andrés Cedrón (Argentina) — Un león d’argent

Armando Croda (Mexico) — Arroyo menguante

Camila Caballero Páez (Colombia) — Las cosas que se pierden

Florencia Bastida (Argentina) — Córdoba Hogar

Germán Tejada (Peru) — Los inocentes

Héctor Silva Núñez (Venezuela) — Hueso

Leo Sánchez (Mexico) — Marco no regresa

Marcelo Filho (Brazil) — El niño

Michelle Garza Cervera (Mexico) — Huesera

Nicolás Diodovich (Argentina) — Dependencia

Steven Morales Pineda (Colombia) — Retiro