Ginaris Sarra (Venezuela)

Ginaris Sarra is a Venezuelan writer based in Los Angeles. From films to video games, she crafts worlds blending drama, surrealism, and magical realism, creating powerful narratives that artistically express the inner world of her characters. Her short film Spoon competed at 30 festivals, including Oscar-qualifying Sitges, Interfilm Berlin, and USA Film Festival, where it won the Honorific Award and was acquired by Canal Plus. Her latest film, Angélica, was selected at LA Shorts International Film Festival. Ginaris also created Klaus, a critically acclaimed video game published on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, known for its immersive narrative. Beyond her creative endeavors, she’s also a freelance motion graphic designer, editor, and VFX artist, working with companies like Netflix, Marvel, Disney, and Nike. Ginaris is currently developing her script I Have Wings but I Cannot Fly, a personal story with fantastical elements aiming to explore diverse human experiences and perspectives.

I Have Wings but I Cannot Fly [co-written with Victor Velasco] In a retro-futuristic city where shapeshifting birds are oppressed, a single mother working in a bank must confront her son’s alarming transformation into a bird and navigate their way through societal constraints and personal discovery to embrace his true nature.