Kareem Mortimer (The Bahamas)

Kareem Mortimer started his career in the film industry as a writer and producer for the 1998 Bahamas Games Documentary at the age of 17. Since then, Kareem has made short music documentaries for the syndicated show Hip Hop Nation: Notes from the Underground; served as a producer and edited the feature length documentary Where I’m From: HIV and AIDS in The Bahamas and the narrative short film Chance; produced and directed The Eleutheran Adventure, winner of the 2006 Audience Award for Best Documentary at the Bahamas International Film Festival; co-directed the video Wind Jammers with Richard Von Maur; and written and directed the short film Float. Most recently he completed the documentary I Am Not a Dummy. His debut feature film, Children of God, won 17 awards and is a cable release on Showtime. His second feature as writer/director will be the film Cargo. A short film based on Cargo, called Passage, received a production grant from The Commonwealth Foundation and is currently on the festival circuit.

Cargo — A sensitive Bahamian fisherman transforms into a prolific human smuggler to pay off gambling and household debts.