Cine Qua Non Lab is pleased to announce the participants selected for its 2020 Storylines Lab.

Storylines is a lab designed for narrative feature film projects from early concept to treatment stage. The lab aims to give independent filmmakers from around the world the opportunity to work intensively on the creative development of their projects in an environment structured to foster professional collaboration and high-quality project development.

Storylines will be held online in August and September 2020 and will have two editions: one in English and one in Spanish. The English edition of the lab will be facilitated by Helena Medina and Meedo Taha. The Spanish edition will be facilitated by David Muñoz Pantiga and Jesús Pimentel Melo.

As part of its partnership with the Guadalajara Film Festival / Guadalajara Talents, Cine Qua Non Lab selected the project Manual para inmigrantes, by Julián García Long, for a spot in the Spanish edition of Storylines. As part of its partnership with the Bogotá Audiovisual Market (BAM), Cine Qua Non Lab also selected the Colombian project Quilla punchay, by Daniela Narváez Huertas, for a spot in the Spanish edition of Storylines. The Brazilian project Borges, by Angelo Defanti, is participating in the English edition of the lab as part of Cine Qua Non Lab’s collaboration with Projeto Paradiso.

The participants in the 2020 Storylines Lab come from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Colombia, Ecuador, Iran, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Nicaragua, Peru, Puerto Rico, Spain, the United States of America, Uruguay and Venezuela, and were selected based on the quality, freshness and originality of their projects. Below is the list of the participants and their projects:

Storylines in English

Andrés Borda (Colombia) — Feliza

Edwin Alexis Gómez (USA/Nicaragua) — Castillos invisibles (Invisible Castles)

Giulia Corda (Italy) — Dayik (Mother)

Missy Hernandez (USA) — I Don’t Dream in Spanish Anymore

Pegah Pasalar (Iran) — Tuesday

* * *

Angelo Defanti (Brazil) — Borges

Matt Kenchington (USA) — Guitar God

Michael Fequiere (USA) — A Normal Human Being

Swetha Regunathan (USA) — Sundarbans

Yossera Bouchtia (Morocco/USA) —Yasmine/Jasmine

* * *

David Barba (Mexico) — Think of Me

Elaisha Stokes (Canada) — Derek

Lena Rudnick (USA) — Narrows

Maris Curran (USA) — Selene

Suha Araj (USA) — The Bowling Green Massacre

Tess Harrison (USA) — The French Movie (There Are Places We Don’t Go Back To)

Storylines in Spanish

Diana Arce (Ecuador) — La noche de los giles

Enrica Pérez Matos (Peru) — Sobre el acantilado

Felipe Sánchez García (Colombia) — -dos perros negros y una delfina blanca-

Gina Vélez Martínez (Puerto Rico) — A Dios que reparta suerte

Martín Bautista (Mexico) — Punta Dolor

Rodrigo Lappado (Uruguay) — La chica de enfrente

* * *

Catalina Arroyave Restrepo (Colombia) — El reino

Daniela Narváez Huertas (Colombia) — Quilla punchay

Francisco Sánchez Solís (Mexico) — Navajas rotas

Juan Carlos Guerra (Spain) — Hermanos

Julián García Long (Argentina) — Manual para inmigrantes

Pedro Ruiz (Venezuela) — El canto del trueno

Ulises Pérez Mancilla (Mexico) — Novenario